The invisible renewable energy equipment

Innovative technology to be able to produce electricity in any river worldwide.

Our product is a must have addition to energy transition with competitive advantages


Safe for vessels

More constant energy production​

Low maintenance design

Big cities are often along big rivers

Wind and solar are not the best and only solution; let alone the silver bullet for the energy transition. Because no wind, no energy, no sun, no energy. Rivers flow much more constant. 

Our River Energy Generator is a patent pending equipment to generate renewable energy in rivers. It is fully submerged, so invisible.

Our equipment has foldable vanes/blades which are steered by AI controlled sensors allowing our rotors to go in a safe mode and permits the vessel to pass safely, even with low water levels. 

Like windmills you can use multiple units in 1 river, therefore a large river could easily generate multiple GWh.

REG is the missing new equipment necessary for the energy transition.

Aart van den Dool

Founder of River Energy Generator

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